Theatre with dance and live music for children aged 2–5

40 min.

Experience familiar rooms in a different way. Dive into stories that turn the kindergarten into a theatre. An individual and creative journey through the world of the kindergarten.
Two musicians and one dancer take the children along on a fantastical journey through their day-to-day life at kindergarten. Picture books, furniture, toys come to life – begin to dance and make sounds.
A living, breathing world of wonders and surprises; full of fantasy and enjoyment of the magical cosmos of children. Familiar stories are retold in a refined way with music and dance.
With: an accordion, a violin, the human voice, the “voice” of movement and the joy of new stories.


Yoko Yagihara (Accordion / Idea), Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger (Violin), Julia Schwarzbach (Dance), Katharina Schrott (Choreographic support), Myrto Dimitriadou (Director)
With the support of “Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years”