A small theatrical and musical window to infinity

For children from 2,5 years and above
40 min.

A small red chair, who has come from Russia to us – a star flight away – and three more, a bit bigger chairs, give place to the great questions of our lives:
Who can tell us, why oranges are orange and the sky is blue? And which color does the wind have? Where is the middle of the ocean? Does anyone know, how many grains of sand there are?
We have no answers to our questions. But the sound of our instruments, the languages of our performers and musicians will help us to open our minds to unknown thoughts …

forever. is the children’s version of the play FOREVER. for adults.
Both plays are in our touring repertoire.


Conceived and directed by Myrto Dimitriadou
Performed and played by Andreas Simma, Yoko Yagihara, Yorgos Pervolarakis
Music and Composition Yoko Yagihara,Yorgos Perovlarakis, Gudrun Raber-Plaichinger
Set and Costume Designer Ragna Heiny
Advisor Katharina Schrott
Lighting Designers and Technicians Alexander Breitner, Robert Schmidjell

Upcoming Performances

15./16.5.2017: Festival “Kaolin & Barbotine”, Limoges (FR)
31.1.-3.2.2018: Small Size Final Event, Galway (IR)

Video / Teaser: Andrea Amenitsch